So I decided spontaneously to leave my route straight for the bubble, and headed for FW Cephei instead, to turn in all my nice exploration data before Murphy came home to roost, and on the way I found this awesome view:

Those two stars are part of the quaternary system Plaa Eurk LE-E b27-0, and the distance between them from surface to surface is less than the diameter of either of them. It’s a good thing the navpoint for that system is not right between them – can you say hot?

Later today I arrived at Iris Vacation, an asteroid base in the FW Cephei system. Asteroid bases are basically the central core of an orbis starport built into an hollowed out asteroid. I think I’ll snap a few pics when I leave there. On the approach I was kinda anxious to get in, and drop all my exploration data before something bad happened…

And now without further ado:

Yup, dumping 325 million credits worth of exploration data can do that kind of stuff to you.

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