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Celestron X-Cel 25mm – first impression

I got a new eyepiece last week, a Celestron X-Cel LX in 25mm.

First impression: NICE. You can definitely tell that this is going to be much better than the 25mm eyepiece that comes with the NexStar.

Now I’m waiting for a clear night to actually try it out. I’ll report what it’s like later.

Picture: on the left the X-Cel, on the right for comparison the 25mm eyepiece that ships with the Celestron NexStar.


  • 6 element wide field
  • 25mm focal length
  • 60° field of view
  • adjustable eye guard
  • 1.25″ barrel threaded for filters
  • lenses with blackened edges for improved contrast

Note: all X-Cel LX eyepieces are parfocal, which means that you don’t have to re-focus the telescope when changing eyepieces.

If this is as good as it promises to be I’ll get me the 9mm as well, and bin the two cheapos that came with the NexStar. I mean, can’t really sell those to anyone with a clean conscience, after all.

Finally, here are two simulations that I’ve done with stellarium. Both show a view of h persei through the NexStar 127.

First: using the included 25mm eyepiece that ships with the NexStar:

Second, the same view using the 25mm X-Cel:

Notice the much bigger field of view. Using the X-Cel it should actually be possible to get both parts of the double cluster into view at the same time.