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And now for something completely different: the Borkum Riff Iced Tea

I came up with this idea of a “germanized” Long Island Iced Tea, and after some experiments it actually turned out quite drinkable.

Here’s the Makefile:

Put some ice in a shaker, then add:

1 oz. Nordhäuser Korn

1 oz. Steinhäger

1 oz. Mariacron or Asbach Uralt

2 oz. Eckes Edelkirsch

Shake well.

Dump content including the ice into a very large longdrink glass, I use a 17 oz glass at home for this.

Top up with coke, but to stay true to the idea it has be a german brand, so use either fritz cola, or afri cola.

Optionally, add slice of lemon.

Drink, but very carefully – there are 5 ounces of booze in there after all, and lots of sugar, bubbles, and caffeine – you have been warned. You don’t want to get wasted with this stuff.

By the way, the recipe is registered with